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Performance Night and After Gathering lol
May 25, 2009, 11:24 am
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Hey u guys, sorry for the late posting. I know its Monday now and my performance was the Saturday past, but I’ve only had time to post now.
But any ways, the performance was at The Rembrandt Hotel for my Lola’s 60th birthday. Lol, yes I thought it was for my aunty but apparently she’s my Lola (grandmother) lol.
So yeah, the perfo went okay. Stage was a lil small but all in all, the crowd loved it, so that made me love it too 🙂
The best part was actually having my entire family finally seeing me perform a dance! So this was kind of an important one for me. And the feeling of them saying how much they loved my dancing after, was just indescribable.
Because not only do I dance to express myself and make myself happy, but also to make others feel good through my physical art and most importantly make my family proud of me! And that night showed I accomplished that. So it definitely was a wicked night for me!!

Here’s a few flicks:







The following day, everyone made their way to our house for a family gathering. It was a full house! I don’t even think I’ve witnessed this before! It was riddicks! And I had to look after ALL of my cousins (as usual) and there were like 12 of them! Or something like that. Too many for me to handle any way! Took them to the park as requested by my parents and aunty. OMG, I felt like a father!!!! Never again, that’s all I can say lol.

Such a super jam packed weekend! It was dope. Haven’t had all the family together for like a decade or so! No exaggeration! Lol

Well yeah, that’s what went down in RyRy’s life… Hope all your weekends were as jam packed and exciting as mine! And I’m pretty sure y’all enjoyed the sun the past Sunday! T’was too dope!

Stay tuned… More bloggedy blogs to be posted real soon! 😉



Sleepless Night!!
May 22, 2009, 5:18 am
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Good morning fellow blog readers…
Man, lastnight was such a drag. First night with my cousin and family around and it was BAD. Not so much the family, just specifically my cousin Jason and his friend Eduardo who both slept in my room. Really and truly, I didn’t even think about the night time yesterday when they arrived and we picked ’em up. I was just joyful to see them etc etc.
The difficulty of getting to sleep never crossed my mind at all. Until it hit 9pm. I was still awake and I thought, nows the time to hit the bed. Oh, but guess what..? I forgot I wasn’t sleeping on a bed!! Yep, duts royyt! For the next 7 days, I will be accompanying the floor for the whole duration of their stay. So I’ll let them enjoy my bed, while they can. Lucky bums! So any way, where was I… Ah yes, so reaching around half 9, I was laying out my sleeping materials on the floor. Which was simply a banig, duvet and 1 pillow. I felt like a scout camping out in the woods lol. I must’ve KO’d at maybe 10pm or something, only to be abruptly awakened by my cousin and his friend at like 11pm when they came to bed. Its bad enough my floor creaks, but loud voices of laughter and italiano dialect was so un-avoidable!!!
Tried to drown it out as Charl directed, but didn’t work one bit. From 11pm through to 1am they were depriving me of my sleep. They were kicking about, tryna touch each other in bed. Laughing from italian jokes (how selfish not to share it in english lol). And tryna talk to me saying “Ryan….? Ryyyyannnn………..? Ohhh, why you don’t answer?! You gay and you like to take boys *italian laugh*”
Yes cousin, talk all you want now but I shall seek my revenge on you both when I wake up at 4am!!! And I was dead serious too!! I was planning to do a backer upper onto my feet. Turn on all the lights, start making a loada noise, put some music on and maybe poke ’em a couple times 🙂 I could taste the sweet revenge. So I must’ve got to sleep back at about 2:30am. Woke up at 4:30am and looked at them…. Why, oh whyyyy… was my revenge motivation obliterated?! I was back to little cheerleader Ryan, looking at them sleep peacefully in my bed. I got changed and moved around in my room so silently, that even my parents didn’t hear me in da opposite room. And they were awake! Left the house now and shook my head. Asking myself, why am I so kind??? LOL. Well, that was only the first. Second night to come tonight. I’m sure if they do it again, I’ll lose my sweetness for SURE haha. We’ll see….
I’ll keep all of you interested readers updated, don’t you worry! But Summers showing good signs, so keep enjoying your days! The sun tends to make people smile so make sure you’re one of them 😉

So Unexpected…
May 21, 2009, 12:23 pm
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Okay, so I jus picked up my aunty, uncle and cousins from the airport a while ago. In the car journey home now but wow… Like I’m happy to see them and everything, but why is my cousin taller then me???? That’s too freaky!!… Weird right? He’s only 15! And I’m like the tallest out of all my friends! Lol, but apart from that, everythings good 🙂 it’s nice to see them after such a long time! And the suns out too!!! Looks like they brought a bit of it with them all the way from Italy! Hehe
Well guys, I’ve got a hectic week ahead of me. And probably the most challenging weekend coming up too! But I’ll be sure to let y’all know what goes down!!! 😉
Now go enjoy the sun! I’ll do the same!!

Excitement Plus Stress Equals A Tuff Weekend Ahead..
May 21, 2009, 4:59 am
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Oh my days, so aggravated because of yesterday! I basically wrote up a dope blog for y’all and when I went to post it further on in the day, I see nothings written in my notes!!!!!! I must’ve not saved it or something? I dunno!? But its gone now so that’s why I had no blog posted up for yesterday. Sorry guys.
But hey, today y’all have one! 🙂
Seeing Charl and Lons comments have really excited me to write more blogs!!
So here I goooo….
Okay, so yeah, my cousin arrives today!!! Hex-sighted!! Going to pick all of them up after my work with my unc. They arrive at 11.55am. Do you think I can fit in a haircut before then?… No, didn’t think so either 😦 hmph.

Well, that’s not the major issue right now any ways. One of the main reasons my aunty’s fam are coming to London is because it’s my other aunty’s birthday. (I know, a lot of aunties right? Lol)

…And guess what?

They asked me and the Animaineax’s to perform! Trust me, when it comes to filipino’s, especially family, there’s no way you’re getting paid a penny. So I had to save my crew by saying we charge hundreds of pounds for performances. Instantly, my aunty said to me, “okay, only you perform na lang” Lol.
I knew she’d say that!! Well, I’ve saved the crew, but now I have a free performance in hand to organise. It’s on Saturday by the way. Oh and did I mention how I haven’t finished the choreo OR soundtrack yet???? Yes, it seems I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment. And with my cousin, PLUS his friend, arriving today, they’ll only be a distraction from me completing what I need to. This is going to be so difficult. Think about it, not only do I have to complete the soundtrack and choreo by Saturday, but I need to rehearse it too! When will I get the time? Its fricking Friday tomorrow!!! But I should be used to last minute performances like this by now. So I’ll tackle it straight on!!!

Oh and believe it or not, my mum wanted me to teach my cousins too, so they could perform with me! Haha, you gadda be kidding mum! Not right now lav! That’s an impossible task. Well let’s not say impossible, but I know it wouldn’t be a clean performance if I were to do so.
But coolio, let me leave it here and close off the blog. My next post will be when my cousins here now 🙂 so I’ll probably introduce a lil ittaleeahno into the blog lol.
Till den, PEACE!

May 19, 2009, 5:15 pm
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Hey y’all, I’mmmm BAAAAACK!!! 😛 and tryna blog more regularly again!
Excited as there’s only 2 days left until my cousin, and the rest of my family from Italy, arrive here in London!! He’s probably the closest cousin I have. We talk about everything, do everything together, I look after him when he’s here and vice versa when I’m out there in Italy. He’s only like 15 or 16, but I’m like a role model to him. He does whatever I do, dresses how I dress when he’s with me, asks to have some of my clothes, eats what I eat, watches what I watch etc etc. Its admiring to know someone looks up to me, even if it is a family member. He makes me want to be better!

Though I must say… he is getting older now and its becoming a lil weird, but I’m pretty sure we’ll still be the same around each other. I mean he’s excited to come here, I’m excited he’s coming. So it should be fun!

Just like good old times!!! 🙂


(That picture was taken at a beach in Italy FYI. No way is that in London!! Lol… man I love Italy. If you guys haven’t been, I’d definitely recommend it to y’all!)

May 18, 2009, 2:03 pm
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Okay, I haven’t written a blog in some time now. Possibly around a week or two. So my utmost apologies to all my readers (which were probably just Lon and Charl any way lol). But still, it’s important that I keep you all updated with the happenings in my life and entertain your minds when you’re hitting boredom.

So let’s get started… I guess this is gonna be another catch up blog hehe.

Well, I been doing quite a lot lately. And it shows big time!!!! Not externally and not to everyone. Just internally, to myself and whoever I tell lol. If you’re still wondering what the heck I’m talking about, allow me to explain. This was the moment I realised…

Last saturday night, me and a few friends were on our way to the SeOne Club to support our boy’s first gig DJ’ing at a major venue! We all needed to go to a cash point to pull out some money. Everyone decided to pull out £40 each. So I thought why not, let’s have fun! As I typed in £40 and pressed enter, da cash machine spat out my card and flashed “unsufficient funds available”
My eyes widened as if I just banged my foot on the corner of a door! I thought I had saved up well, apart from the past two weeks. I mean, I hadn’t checked my balance in like two months but I knew I couldn’t have spent THAT much!

So I check my balance and as it loads, I’m visualising figures that I want it to show me lol. Something along the lines of £210.38 loool. Pretty exact I know, but that’s the number I visualised for some reason. Obviously, my mind was fooling me nangly lol. Then it finally popped up. And what I read, for me, was sooooooo bad!

I had only £17.64 left in my account! I’ve never reached that low before!!! The lowest I’ve reached is £30 something! Okay, it’s not as bad as Lon’s recent £0.00 lol, but its still a major shock to me! 😦

Any ways, I had no worries for that night as all the friends I have are so wickedly generous that they paid for me without a second thought.
So after that unexpected incident, I went to this club in the state of mind that this would be the last outing I’d do for a while. Meaning I had to enjoy the night to the max!!!

When we got inside, the atmosphere was actually better then I thought. I was UNBELIEVABLY annoyed seeing people wearing new eras up in the place! There was NO DRESS CODE AT ALL!!! How wicked is that!!!? And I’m broke to even go there again anytime soon lol.

There were two rooms. One banging out Bashment, HipHop and R’n’B. The other was making it funky with some House and Techno vibes.
Our man DJ Bash ripped it up in da funky house room and we complimented him by ripping it up on the dance floor! A few hours after, his shift had ended and we moved back to the HipHop room! 😉 My time!!!!!!

Started doing what I love best. As always, everyone started making way and a big massive cypher circle started to form around me. Then all of a sudden, a bright light was shining on me….? One glance up and I see its a proffesional video guy for SeOne, so I carried on dancing away 🙂

But boy was the circle big lol. It felt like a scene out of ‘Stomp The Yard’. I love the feeling though. And Lon knows what I’m talking about. I know he loves it too! If only he was there like before.

Basically, a couple weeks back, myslef, Egzon, Lon and Albert randomly went clubbing on a wednesday night and me and Lon did exactly the same thing. Created a cypher circle right in the middle of the dance floor, caused an attraction and got a free shot after 🙂 thanks ‘shot lady!’ Lol

Any ways, back to the SeOne night… As soon as the video guy had diverted to the next room, I felt more relaxed and tried to catch my breath back lol. I knew the limelight was still on me though, so I had to try stay sober and act professional. Highly unlikely haha, na I’m playing.. I behaved in an excellent manner lol.

I had one girl I knew trying to dance with me all night though. She was out of it. She was acting incredibly desperate. Calling me over, dancing in front of me, basically on me but I had no interest in dancing with her at all. I felt kinda bad, but sorry. She got so frustrated as to why I wouldn’t dance with her, that she tried making me jealous by dancing with other guys in front of me. Please. I still gave her no attention and when she knew that didn’t work, she came up to the group I was in and started telling all my friends that I’m “a pussy” lol. Then started calling me out again. I gave a slight laugh and walked off lol.

The night overall was so dope! The club finished at 6am though we only stayed till 4.30am. Waiting for about an hour and a half for a bus, we noticed the train station had opened lol. So we decided to make that our choice of transport home. But here’s how we were looking after the club… lol

Yes, very knackered indeed. But after all this fun, I think I need to hybernate now. I feel like that’s the only way for me to get my account back on the right track! Hey, maybe I’ll be able to blog more that way too! We’ll see how it goes for the remainder of this month ay 😉 lol.

April 26, 2009, 8:29 pm
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Had a last minute performance yesterday evening with three members of the Animaineax’s; Jeffrey, Albert and A’Jai. So much drama happened before hand which really upset me but trust, its a long story. So I won’t get into it. Any ways, it was only a freestyle performance since the whole crew couldn’t make it down. The show was running behind track, then again, what show doesn’t? But when we went up to perform… Man did it feel good! Track was dope! Freestyles were dope (except mine)! Crowd was dope! Venue was dope! And the fact that I hadn’t danced in such a long time, made it feel soooo good to be on stage again, entertaining. Having been so down for the past week or so, this really did help me express and relieve some stress and anxiety I had all conjured up inside my heart.

After our perfo, we decided to give Lon a call to see what he was up to. Tried calling him several times but all of ’em went straight to voicemail 😦 Anyway, Jeff had to bounce and take care of some business, so me, Alby and A’Jai thought we’d hang out and catch up since we all missed each other. Soooo… They both popped my cherry and brought me to TINSEL TOWN!!!! Lol, I was a virgin u see ’cause I’d never been there before. Anyhow, it was great. An incredible selection of milkshakes was available which made me feel spoilt for choice lol. I ended up getting some VIP 4 milkshake? Which had like banana and chocolate and some other delicious stuff in it lol. Man, I love banana milkshakes!!! Mmmmmmm. So yeah, ended up jamming there until maybe just before 2am? Wasn’t ready to go home yet, so we thought we’d go around Southbank and take a few pictures and record a few freestyles. Here’s some of the stuff we produced:

















Having had so much fun and jokes, we called it a night as it was reaching 4am. First we dropped A’Jai off to his crib, then Alby dropped me after. We had such a dope talk on the way to mine though! Just catching up on relationship issues looool. It was wicked ’cause me and him are actually going through EXACTLY the same thing. Well not EXACTLY but very very VERY similar! As in the feelings we’re both feeling, are the same! The things we’re both doing, are the same! And it was just nice to talk to someone that I could relate to in that way. It got me an insight from a second person. Though we didn’t really help each other since we were both stuck in the same situation lol, but it was jokes.. Can’t give toooo much info unfortunately. Its confidential ;P lol, but Lonny and maybe Charly should know what’s going on hehe.

Wow, I’m actually laying down looking out my window now and the sky is light already. Its now 5:02am. I better close it up.
Okay well, I can’t express how much happiness lastnight brought me. Dancing makes me so happy so that’s exactly what I got. Happiness! To top it off, I had two real friends accompanying me. They’re two of just a handful that no the real me and aren’t swayed by what other people say about me. That’s true friends. And I’m grateful to have them! The rest of the true friends I have, they know who they are. I’m grateful for all of you! Thank you!
Well guys, I’ll post this up later on today, but for now… I best catch some shut eye and bust some z’s!
Night.. Or should I say good morning? Lol Let’s just say… Till next time!! Peace